No Separation

What does Oneness Mean in a Time of Political Division

BY TIM BOTTA The idea that we are becoming more and more divided and polarized is in the air as the differences between us seem to grow and we are alienated from each other. Some, perhaps alarmists, speculate that worldwide civil conflict is imminent. Is it the destiny of our species to become further divided? […]

Celebrating Ultimate Spiritual Books and Art in 2016

BY HARV BISHOP What does it mean to be a lightworker in our politically divided country? The mystic David Spangler has some ideas. In other ultimate spiritual reads of 2016 a gifted writer famed for encounters with “aliens” joins with a comparative religion professor to find meaning in difficult transcendent experiences. In the second read, […]

From Farting as a Spiritual Practice to Pizzagate: How Wild Theories Gain Traction

BY HARV BISHOP “Since one’s idea of God is always a projection of their human consciousness, one needs to develop that consciousness to high levels to have any useful sense of God.” -Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard Farting was once considered a spiritual practice. Shocking as it may seem now, some spiritual traditions used to wrestle […]

Why Florence Scovel Shinn Matters

The Pioneering Author Left a Defining Mark on New Thought Culture

BY MITCH HOROWITZ The following is the author’s introduction to a new Condensed Classics edition of Florence Scovel Shinn’s final book, The Secret Door to Success, forthcoming in audio and digital from Gildan Media. This book almost never saw publication. It appeared in 1940, the year that Florence Scovel Shinn died. The work of the […]


Alt-Right Credits Positive Thinking for Election Results

BY HARV BISHOP How do New Thought, the white nationalists of the alt-right, an uptick in racially based harassment, and the election of Donald Trump connect? A few month’s ago, I would have said that New Thought has nothing to do with those disturbing trends. But New Thought concepts about the power of the mind […]

Holy Ghosts – A Spiritual Look at the Paranormal

Living with Things that Go Bump in The Night

BY HARV BISHOP Imagine children’s toys turning themselves off and on at odd hours, strange noises in the attic and shadowy, ethereal figures in your home. Then imagine that the epicenter of all this apparently paranormal activity is your small child’s bedroom. It sounds like the latest Hollywood ghost movie, but author and book editor […]

Claude M. Bristol and the Metaphysics of Success

BY MITCH HOROWITZ The American metaphysical scene has produced no other figure quite like Claude M. Bristol. Born in 1891, in Portland, Oregon, Bristol had a background as varied as the nation itself: a veteran, a spiritual seeker, a sometime journalist, a sometime businessman, and an enthusiast of the possibilities and powers of the mind. […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Are there exceptions to the Law of Attraction?

By HARV BISHOP Do your thoughts create your reality without exception? Many New Thought adherents believe so. Yet did Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy, believe that to be true? Some parts of his writing suggest so. Other passages, where Holmes speaks in more qualified and nuanced terms, suggest that he […]

5 Steps to Honor our Oneness with the Animal Kingdom

Opening our Hearts to All Life

BY TIM BOTTA Many New Thought adherents believe that animals are a part of the “everyone” in “a world that works for everyone,” but what are some practical steps we can take to make those beliefs real? Here are five steps we can take to honor our Oneness with the animal kingdom. Educate Yourself We […]