Celebrating Ultimate Spiritual Books and Art in 2016

BY HARV BISHOP What does it mean to be a lightworker in our politically divided country? The mystic David Spangler has some ideas. In other ultimate spiritual reads of 2016 a gifted writer famed for encounters with “aliens” joins with a comparative religion professor to find meaning in difficult transcendent experiences. In the second read, […]

From Farting as a Spiritual Practice to Pizzagate: How Wild Theories Gain Traction

BY HARV BISHOP “Since one’s idea of God is always a projection of their human consciousness, one needs to develop that consciousness to high levels to have any useful sense of God.” -Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard Farting was once considered a spiritual practice. Shocking as it may seem now, some spiritual traditions used to wrestle […]

Why Florence Scovel Shinn Matters

The Pioneering Author Left a Defining Mark on New Thought Culture

BY MITCH HOROWITZ The following is the author’s introduction to a new Condensed Classics edition of Florence Scovel Shinn’s final book, The Secret Door to Success, forthcoming in audio and digital from Gildan Media. This book almost never saw publication. It appeared in 1940, the year that Florence Scovel Shinn died. The work of the […]