Why Spiritual People Need to Vote

Sounds True founder Tami Simon calls for us to 'serve the needs of our times'

BY TAMI SIMON, Founder & Publisher, Sounds True Are you a United States citizen, and if so, are you registered and planning to vote in the upcoming Presidential election? I am asking this question because I care deeply about people voting on November 8th. I am writing this note specifically to you—to someone who is […]

The Man Who Gave Us the Law of Attraction

Positive Thinking’s Most Alluring Phrase Doesn’t Mean Quite What You Think

By MITCH HOROWITZ America in the 1840s was awash in liberal spiritual and social ideas – particularly the principle that the everyday person could forge his own relationship and communication with the Divine. Many Americans saw the young nation as a place provided by God – an “American Israel” where a new people was entitled […]

Taming Astrology’s Bad Boy with Positivity

The Hidden Gifts of Mercury Retrograde

BY MITCH HOROWITZ This July Fourth my family traveled to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for a vacation. Getting there was no easy trip. We traveled during the astrological period called Mercury Retrograde: a thrice-yearly phase when the planet Mercury appears to move backwards – and travel, communication, and commerce (all things associated with […]