Rediscovering Neville’s Greatest Work

BY MITCH HOROWITZ I recently had the privilege to narrate the first authorized audio edition of Neville Goddard’s final, and some feel greatest, book: Resurrection. The book’s closing essay, for which it is named, maps out Neville’s overarching spiritual vision more fully than any of his other writings. What follows is my preface to the […]

The Ethic of Getting Rich

What Today’s New Thought Culture Can Learn from Wallace D. Wattles

BY MITCH HOROWITZ There is a conflict in New Thought culture today. Some seekers want a New Thought that emphasizes personal attainment and ambition. Others believe that New Thought’s focus should be on social justice – they regard the think-and-grow-rich approach as gauche, unspiritual, or selfish. The 1910 classic The Science of Getting Rich by […]

Finding What Is Ours To Do

Creating a world that works for everyone means more than marching in the streets

BY HARV BISHOP The mystic David Spangler relates a story about the Buddhist Beat poet Gary Snyder meeting a man while hiking in the early 1970s. The man was struggling with his conscience and the two spoke of protests, the Vietnam War, loyalty, and doing what was right. Later that week the Pentagon Papers were […]

Neville Goddard: A Cosmic Philosopher

BY MITCH HOROWITZ Wikipedia recently took down its page for Neville Goddard (1905-1972), one of the most important and influential New Thought voices of the past century. I felt it important that there be a reliable biography of Neville online. The following article focuses only partially on the linear details of Neville’s life and more […]