How New Thought Can Restore Our Relationship with Mother Earth

By HARV BISHOP New Thought teachings often speak of scarcity consciousness versus a consciousness of abundance. But there is more to those teachings than the size of your bank account. Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, said these teachings hold the key to healing the relationship between human […]

I was forced to watch Al Gore documentaries at church!

Does creating a world that works for everyone take away individual choice?

BY HARV BISHOP Conservative critics of the mission of creating a world that works for everyone fear that individual choice in New Thought churches will go the way of the dodo bird if helping others becomes the norm. Some conservatives believe they will be forced to sit through sermons grounded in liberal politics, for them […]

How Transcendentalism Can Save Your Life

Rediscovering the Affinities between Ernest Holmes and Ralph Waldo Emerson

By MITCH HOROWITZ The following is my preface to a new, gender-neutral edition of The Philosophy of Emerson, a book of Ernest Holmes’s annotation of the Transcendentalist philosopher published by Newt List press. Is there an American spirituality? One with no specific church or rulebook, but that weaves through our religious culture and self-help traditions? […]

The Fallacy of Divine Right Order

BY HARV BISHOP “If I hug you,” said the man sitting across from me, “that is enlightened. That is God. If I punch you in the face that is enlightened. That is God. Everything is God. We are all enlightened just as we are. The world is just an illusion.” The man speaking was a […]

The Spirit of Winning:

How New Thought has Taken Center Stage in the Lives of Champion Athletes

BY MITCH HOROWITZ From the classic halftime locker room speech to recent mind-body studies of peak performance, the benefits of a motivated mind have long been a source of intrigue in sports and physical achievement. Although motivational techniques are not new to athletics, athletes themselves, from college wrestlers to Olympic medalists, have never been so […]