How To Read a Self-Help Book

BY MITCH HOROWITZ Most of the self-help books that I personally read and recommend are what might be considered “golden oldies.” As I see it, some of the greats, such as The Power of Positive Thinking and Alcoholics Anonymous, contain most of the wisdom that underlies the overall self-help field.   As I’ve written previously […]

The Top 7 Myths About Positive Thinking

BY MITCH HOROWITZ Every month or so, I come across an op-ed, article, or general broadside against positive thinking. Social scientists (dubiously) claim that cheery thoughts produce disappointing outcomes. A New York Times fashion writer sings the praises of positive-thinking’s deeper cousin, melancholy. And bestselling social critic Barbara Ehrenreich continually reimagines why positive-mind therapies make […]

3 Must-Reads on Spirituality and Social Justice

BY HARV BISHOP Here are three thought-provoking articles on spirituality and social justice to inspire you this week. THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF NEW THOUGHT Historically, New Thought has been a home for both social radicals —  including socialists, feminists and civil rights advocates —  and conservative thinkers — including Ronald Reagan followers. This is the full […]

The Power of Questioning Our Spiritual Beliefs

BY HARV BISHOP I was reminded of our common humanity in the least likely of places at the October 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City. The jam-packed schedule of four days of talks and workshops was distilled in a satori of sorts in the men’s room. As I walked in, a […]

“Singing Myself Awake”

The New Thought Social Justice Music of Deanna Grenier-Mullins

By Harv Bishop Singer-songwriters from Pete Seeger and Joan Baez to Michael Franti and Spearhead provide the fuel that powers social movements and appeals to our better angels. Deanna Grenier-Mullins is one of an emerging group of New Thought singer-songwriters embracing social justice and progressive New Thought’s mission of creating world that works for everyone. […]