A world that works for everyone doesn’t exist

( but it can if we take action)

By Sara Nichols We must reject all ideas that politics is any different from spiritual practice. After close to 20 years as an attorney and professional legislative advocate for consumer and labor rights in Congress and the California legislature, I became the full-time Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, a Religious Science church […]

Feet of Clay

How Barbara Ehrenreich Misleads Her Readers (and Herself) about Positive Thinking

By Mitch Horowitz One of the most influential books I read in college was Barbara Ehrenreich’s brilliant critique of gender politics, The Hearts of Men. It was little wonder that as I neared my senior year I became an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America, the organization that Ehrenreich co-chaired along with my […]

Ernest Holmes: Feel the Bern

By Harv Bishop “The money that is now being spent in preparing for war would completely abolish poverty from the Earth. It is a terrific thing that, right now, the world is in a position to do away with impoverishment!” “…When only six percent of the National Budget is for the alleviation of impoverishment and […]

The Hands of God

A Profound Visualization for Your Busy Life

By Gary Jansen In our fast-paced, hectic world it is sometimes very easy to let our worries burden us and take control of our lives. When life’s problems have become too big, when you’ve done all you can do and can do no more, it’s time to turn them over to a higher power and […]

Reclaim Your Day for Your Body and Spirit

Holistic doctor James Rouse, Science of Mind magazine Revealing Health columnist, and author of the book “Think, Eat, Move, Thrive”  believes that self-care is the foundation of caring for others and your work productivity. “You need to use discipline to be a student of your own life and ask yourself some questions,” he says. “’When […]

4 Simple, Powerful Steps to Daily Spiritual Practice

By Mitch Horowitz No matter how busy you are it is always possible to find spiritual practices that fit within the confines of a hectic day. Here are some practices I personally use. They require consistency but not complexity. 1: Morning Connection. Upon waking it is crucial to make some connection to yourself and your […]