In Defense of the “Woo-Peddlers”

By Mitch Horowitz   Why is the term “self-help” so often used in a derogatory manner in mainstream media? Writing in the opinion journal Aeon, journalist and social critic Elizabeth Svoboda recently sized up today’s self-help field and concluded that some cognitively based self-help books are effective – and well worth defending – whereas New […]

The Affirmation That Changed My Life

By Harv Bishop During a long dating dry spell about 15 years ago, my spiritual teacher and friend Rabbi Howard (Henoch Dov) Hoffman looked at me and said with great confidence, “Someday I’ll dance at your wedding.” My internal dialogue went something like this: “Nice thought, but with all due respect the way things are […]

What the Christ Consciousness says about war and suffering

A conversation with Paul Selig

By Harv Bishop Deepak Chopra says Paul Selig’s channeled books in the “I Am the Word” trilogy are “authentic straightforward truth straight from the source field.” I spoke with Selig about his work with the Guides, who identify as the Christ Consciousness, and the beginning of the second trilogy, “The Book of Mastery: The Mastery […]

4 Things New Thought Must Embrace to Evolve

By Harv Bishop All life and consciousness evolves says Rev. Chris Terry and New Thought needs to change to address the ecological and social challenges of our time. In an earlier interview on this blog Terry called for an evolution of New Thought, what she calls New Thought 3.0. Terry is a Religious Science minister […]

Why Isn’t New Thought Growing?

By Rev. Steve Walling Why isn’t New Thought growing? Is it because we have gotten away from the basics of Dr. Ernest Holmes’ teachings or do we need to evolve and redefine New Thought and Religious Science for the 21st century? Today there is a conversation taking place within most all religious organizations whether it […]

It’s Time to Let Spirit Out of the Box

Evolving to New Thought 3.0

By Harv Bishop New Thought adherents can get caught in a narrow spirituality based on “I want it to feel good all the time and I want to have what I want,” says Religious Scientist Rev. Chris Terry. “There’s so much more to spirituality,” she says, “including ­­compassion, humility, grace, surrender, mystery, wonder. We’ve got […]