Mind Power: A Manifesto

By Mitch Horowitz From time to time I hear from old friends, and sometimes from strangers, wondering why I occupy myself with what they regard as “woo-woo” stuff – that is, New Thought and positive-mind traditions. They are right about my commitments. Since the 2014 publication of my One Simple Idea, a history and analysis […]

Is Religious Science Losing Its Identity or Living Up To Its Promise?

By Harv Bishop Is Alcoholics Anonymous’s (AA) scrupulous avoidance of social issues a model for New Thought churches? As AA has a single purpose — alcoholics helping other alcoholics maintain sobriety, Religious Science and other New Thought churches have a single purpose — teaching spiritual principles, a retired Religious Science minister recently told me via […]

New Thought: Selfish or Socialist?

By Mitch Horowitz I’ve recently written on this page about the radical New Thought tradition of social rebels such as black-nationalist Marcus Garvey, feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and author and socialist activist Wallace D. Wattles. But Harvey Bishop’s recent interview with Rev. Chris Terry helped me realize that I’ve been emphasizing only the half the […]

Creating a world that works for everyone doesn’t work for everyone

Think social justice is a slam dunk for New Thought? Think again

BY HARV BISHOP Creating a world that works for everyone doesn’t work for everyone in the world of New Thought “If I show up at a [New Thought church] I am there for one reason and one reason only — the advancement of my personal awareness,” said a man on Facebook responding to an article […]