Fight the Power: Rediscovering New Thought’s Radical Hero

By Mitch Horowitz “The time for thinkers has come; and the time for revolutions, ecclesiastic and social, must come.” —Mary Baker Eddy, 1875 Critics of New Thought often dismiss mental metaphysics as a milquetoast philosophy that uses “happy thoughts” as a lame substitute for social action. But New Thought grew up hand-in-hand with a tradition […]

Religious Science’s Biggest (R)evolutionary: You won’t believe who it is

New Thought Fundamentalism: Lessons from Ernest Holmes

BY HARV BISHOP Religious Science teachings were never written in stone. In the last two years of his life, Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy, found a new passion: teaching the works of the famed Indian sage Sri Aurobindo. Holmes’s seminal book “The Science of Mind,” which has helped millions learn to […]

New Thought’s false positive

Fear of the negative limits our potential for social justice

By Sara Victoria Emory “…because to sin by silence, when I should protest, makes cowards of us all.”  -Neville Goddard Stimualienation: the specific type of despair which results from excessive exposure to social media [also known as brain-locust angst]. * I shuddered at the images in my news feed and scrolled down, searching for something positive […]

Is New Thought Turning Gray?

By Mitch Horowitz Science of Mind magazine columnist and ministerial student Masando Hiraoka recently lamented on this blog the paucity of “Millennials” within Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) churches and communities. The fact is, many metaphysical congregations and organizations on the alternative spiritual scene are experiencing an aging membership base. I recently delivered the keynote address […]

Without Millennials New Thought will be extinct

Embracing social justice is a key to attracting youth

BY HARV BISHOP There is no future for New Thought if denominations such as Centers for Spiritual Living (Religious Science) and Unity can’t attract Millennials. The key to attracting Millennials is putting social justice front and center, says Masando Hiraoka, a ministerial student and Science of Magazine: Guide for Spiritual Living columnist. Numbers of adherents […]