Time to get real on the Law of Attraction

‘Reality is more complex than we want to admit’ says Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard

BY HARV BISHOP It’s time to get real about the Law of Attraction, reject “magical thinking” and respect life’s mystery says Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard, a Religious Science minister. Did you have a thought about wanting to kick the dog in anger last week and came down with a cold this week? Assume that a […]

Overcoming the politics of hate with the spiritual principle of love

“Gay rights is not about politics, it’s about justice,” Dr. Roger Teel

BY HARV BISHOP New Thought can run straight into a partisan political buzz saw as it strives to realize its social justice mission of creating world that works for everyone, says Dr. Roger Teel and Dr. David Alexander. Teel and Alexander, Religious Science ministers and members of the Association for Global New Thought which advocates […]

Karma does not explain everything, said the Buddha

Get a flat tire after flipping someone off? May be karma, may be bad luck

BY HARV BISHOP Many New Agers believe that if you were born a slave,  you were once a slave master in another life. That’s karma, baby.  In some New Age and related teachings. the doctrine of karma becomes a  literal tit-for-tat theory of justice. Many Buddhists reject a linear  quid pro quo approach to karma. The […]

The Future of New Thought

In search of deeper questions with Mitch Horowitz

BY HARV BISHOP A woman facing a life-threatening illness is empowered by New Thought ideas. Another woman grieving the death of baby grandchild was told at a New Thought church that the death was caused by the parents’ consciousness. These are stories from readers of our five-week series on New Thought: What Works, What Needs […]

The incredible historical accident that created the belief that there are no accidents

Exploring the consequences of New Thought’s most controversial doctrine  

BY HARV BISHOP The unalterable New Age belief that there are no accidents ironically began as an historical accident of sorts, Mitch Horowitz writes in his book “One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life.” This belief has been popularized by everyone from Deepak Chopra to Kung Fu Panda. In 1886, mental healer Warren […]

Time to stop ignoring the obvious: race and poverty impact lives

Examining New Thought and Social Justice

BY HARV BISHOP To believe that your thoughts and your consciousness are the only forces in play that create your reality is to ignore global economics and racial inequality, says Masando Hiraoka. Hiraoka is a Millennial ministerial student and like those of his generation, he is unafraid to question the standard answers embraced by some […]