3 Reasons the Alt-Right is Using Positive Thinking to Reshape Your World (and 3 big reasons to say Hell No)

BY HARV BISHOP How did the racist Alt-Right morph the truism “Change your thinking, change your life” into “Change your thinking, change your country, persecute your neighbor?” Elements of the Alt-Right believe that the power of positive thinking helped to elect Donald Trump and make no mistake: they are pursuing mind power to shape the […]

Shine a Light to Eclipse Darkness

BY STEVE WALLING Harv Bishop’s blog, “New Thought’s Darth Vader Move”, about the far right appropriating New Thought practices shows that these people mistake the tool — the power of thought — for the larger philosophy that guides the use of the tool such as a hammer. However just having a hammer — in this […]


Alt-Right Credits Positive Thinking for Election Results

BY HARV BISHOP How do New Thought, the white nationalists of the alt-right, an uptick in racially based harassment, and the election of Donald Trump connect? A few month’s ago, I would have said that New Thought has nothing to do with those disturbing trends. But New Thought concepts about the power of the mind […]

Why Spiritual People Need to Vote

Sounds True founder Tami Simon calls for us to 'serve the needs of our times'

BY TAMI SIMON, Founder & Publisher, Sounds True Are you a United States citizen, and if so, are you registered and planning to vote in the upcoming Presidential election? I am asking this question because I care deeply about people voting on November 8th. I am writing this note specifically to you—to someone who is […]

Putting Our Heads in The Sand No Longer Works

We Are At War Here

BY EUGENE HOLDEN I have been sitting with this, waiting for the right time, and listening for what the message that wanted to be expressed, regarding the events that have been going on over the last week. I had to sit and process through the pain, the anger and most of all the disappointment. The waiting is over, the […]

Hear Other People’s Pain

A Conversation for Healing

BY CINDY WIGGLESWORTH It is simple, and it’s complex. The simple part: ultimately it’s about being kind to each other and listening deeply The complex part: each human perspective takes effort to understand – and there are many perspectives in our reality Below I hope I am beginning a conversation for healing… for those of […]

How New Thought Can Restore Our Relationship with Mother Earth

By HARV BISHOP New Thought teachings often speak of scarcity consciousness versus a consciousness of abundance. But there is more to those teachings than the size of your bank account. Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, said these teachings hold the key to healing the relationship between human […]

A world that works for everyone doesn’t exist

( but it can if we take action)

By Sara Nichols We must reject all ideas that politics is any different from spiritual practice. After close to 20 years as an attorney and professional legislative advocate for consumer and labor rights in Congress and the California legislature, I became the full-time Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, a Religious Science church […]

Ernest Holmes: Feel the Bern

By Harv Bishop “The money that is now being spent in preparing for war would completely abolish poverty from the Earth. It is a terrific thing that, right now, the world is in a position to do away with impoverishment!” “…When only six percent of the National Budget is for the alleviation of impoverishment and […]

What the Christ Consciousness says about war and suffering

A conversation with Paul Selig

By Harv Bishop Deepak Chopra says Paul Selig’s channeled books in the “I Am the Word” trilogy are “authentic straightforward truth straight from the source field.” I spoke with Selig about his work with the Guides, who identify as the Christ Consciousness, and the beginning of the second trilogy, “The Book of Mastery: The Mastery […]