How to Attract Money

A New Look At The Book You’ve Been Waiting For

In this short essay, New Thought author and publisher Mitch Horowitz discusses how, while preparing to narrate an audio edition of Joseph Murphy’s pamphlet How to Attract Money, he came into a new and deeper appreciation of the book’s possibilities. This is adapted from Mitch’s introduction. BY MITCH HOROWITZ I am often asked: If I […]

What New Thought Can Learn From Seer Edgar Cayce

An interview with Mitch Horowitz and an excerpt from Mind As Builder

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was a southern Christian who became a widely known trance channel whose teachings helped birth the alternative spirituality movement. New Thought historian Mitch Horowitz’s recent book Mind As Builder explores the relationship between Cayce and New Thought teachings. I recently caught up with Mitch to ask about Cayce and New Thought. Following our Q […]

The Man Who Gave Us the Law of Attraction

Positive Thinking’s Most Alluring Phrase Doesn’t Mean Quite What You Think

By MITCH HOROWITZ America in the 1840s was awash in liberal spiritual and social ideas – particularly the principle that the everyday person could forge his own relationship and communication with the Divine. Many Americans saw the young nation as a place provided by God – an “American Israel” where a new people was entitled […]

New Thought’s Blind Spot

The Triumph and Tragedy of Helen Wilmans

BY HARV BISHOP How does a New Thought icon go from writing and living “the conquest of poverty” to wanting to die? The story of Helen Wilmans, the author of the 1899 New Thought classic “The Conquest of Poverty,” is at once one of the most inspiring and tragic stories in our movement. It also […]

What Death Tells Us About The Law Of Attraction

Scroll Down for Your Chance to Win a Free Ernest Holmes Print for Our First Blogiversary!

BY HARV BISHOP Editor’s note: We are revisiting our inaugural post to celebrate our first anniversary. Mitch Horowitz’s call for New Thought reform drew more than 1,000 social media shares and 2,000 views. Thanks also to the 23,000  people who visited this blog over the last year.  New Thought is in need of a reformation, says […]

The Spirit of Winning:

How New Thought has Taken Center Stage in the Lives of Champion Athletes

BY MITCH HOROWITZ From the classic halftime locker room speech to recent mind-body studies of peak performance, the benefits of a motivated mind have long been a source of intrigue in sports and physical achievement. Although motivational techniques are not new to athletics, athletes themselves, from college wrestlers to Olympic medalists, have never been so […]

Ernest Holmes: Feel the Bern

By Harv Bishop “The money that is now being spent in preparing for war would completely abolish poverty from the Earth. It is a terrific thing that, right now, the world is in a position to do away with impoverishment!” “…When only six percent of the National Budget is for the alleviation of impoverishment and […]

Honoring the Light Bearers

At this sacred time of honoring the return of the light in many faith traditions, we are all called to be a candle bringing light in our worlds. This week we honor our blog contributors for sharing their light and they in turn honor the light brought into their lives by favorite spiritual teachers. The […]

In Defense of the “Woo-Peddlers”

By Mitch Horowitz   Why is the term “self-help” so often used in a derogatory manner in mainstream media? Writing in the opinion journal Aeon, journalist and social critic Elizabeth Svoboda recently sized up today’s self-help field and concluded that some cognitively based self-help books are effective – and well worth defending – whereas New […]

What the Christ Consciousness says about war and suffering

A conversation with Paul Selig

By Harv Bishop Deepak Chopra says Paul Selig’s channeled books in the “I Am the Word” trilogy are “authentic straightforward truth straight from the source field.” I spoke with Selig about his work with the Guides, who identify as the Christ Consciousness, and the beginning of the second trilogy, “The Book of Mastery: The Mastery […]