The Power of Questioning Our Spiritual Beliefs

BY HARV BISHOP I was reminded of our common humanity in the least likely of places at the October 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City. The jam-packed schedule of four days of talks and workshops was distilled in a satori of sorts in the men’s room. As I walked in, a […]

“Singing Myself Awake”

The New Thought Social Justice Music of Deanna Grenier-Mullins

By Harv Bishop Singer-songwriters from Pete Seeger and Joan Baez to Michael Franti and Spearhead provide the fuel that powers social movements and appeals to our better angels. Deanna Grenier-Mullins is one of an emerging group of New Thought singer-songwriters embracing social justice and progressive New Thought’s mission of creating world that works for everyone. […]

Ernest Holmes: Feel the Bern

By Harv Bishop “The money that is now being spent in preparing for war would completely abolish poverty from the Earth. It is a terrific thing that, right now, the world is in a position to do away with impoverishment!” “…When only six percent of the National Budget is for the alleviation of impoverishment and […]

A New Thought Take On Terrorism

Avoid hatred, prejudice and pacifism

By Rev. Steve Walling There is no room for Islamopobia in New Thought. In New Thought we do teach that all beings are God manifest as was that being, Jesus, who we revere as a master teacher. He taught us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He did not qualify it by saying, […]

What Does New Thought Say About War?

By Mitch Horowitz Is there a role for positive-mind metaphysics during periods of armed conflict and war? The question itself seems almost contradictory. New Thought and other mind-metaphysics traditions have a long history of prayers and meditations for peace. Most New Thought practitioners regard war as an aberrant departure from the higher, sublime truths and […]