How Self-Doubt Can Point to Your Infinite Worth

BY HARV BISHOP I always intellectually believed that God was everywhere present. Whenever someone would remind me of that my wise-ass response was that the Creator had obviously forgotten some parts of New Jersey. But if I had been honest with myself I would have added myself along with New Jersey. I saw myself as […]

The Fallacy of Divine Right Order

BY HARV BISHOP “If I hug you,” said the man sitting across from me, “that is enlightened. That is God. If I punch you in the face that is enlightened. That is God. Everything is God. We are all enlightened just as we are. The world is just an illusion.” The man speaking was a […]

Honoring the Light Bearers

At this sacred time of honoring the return of the light in many faith traditions, we are all called to be a candle bringing light in our worlds. This week we honor our blog contributors for sharing their light and they in turn honor the light brought into their lives by favorite spiritual teachers. The […]

The Affirmation That Changed My Life

By Harv Bishop During a long dating dry spell about 15 years ago, my spiritual teacher and friend Rabbi Howard (Henoch Dov) Hoffman looked at me and said with great confidence, “Someday I’ll dance at your wedding.” My internal dialogue went something like this: “Nice thought, but with all due respect the way things are […]