Alt-Right Credits Positive Thinking for Election Results

BY HARV BISHOP How do New Thought, the white nationalists of the alt-right, an uptick in racially based harassment, and the election of Donald Trump connect? A few month’s ago, I would have said that New Thought has nothing to do with those disturbing trends. But New Thought concepts about the power of the mind […]

5 Steps to Honor our Oneness with the Animal Kingdom

Opening our Hearts to All Life

BY TIM BOTTA Many New Thought adherents believe that animals are a part of the “everyone” in “a world that works for everyone,” but what are some practical steps we can take to make those beliefs real? Here are five steps we can take to honor our Oneness with the animal kingdom. Educate Yourself We […]

Are Animals a Part of “Everyone”?

BY TIM BOTTA Every day, a horror story about cruelty to animals trends on social media. While too many still respond to such stories by stating, “It’s just an animal,” more and more people are demonstrating a growing awareness of human treatment of animals. The universal perspective of New Thought in the progressive era was […]

Dancing in the Glory of All that God Is

Lessons in New Thought, Social Justice, and Mysticism with Dr. Nirvana Gayle

BY HARV BISHOP Gandhi famously said be the change that you want see in the world. Rev. Dr. Nirvana Gayle, a Religious Science minister and one of New Thought’s greatest prophetic voices, says that doesn’t go far enough. Oneness demands that we see that we literally are the world and everyone and everything in it. […]

New Thought’s Blind Spot

The Triumph and Tragedy of Helen Wilmans

BY HARV BISHOP How does a New Thought icon go from writing and living “the conquest of poverty” to wanting to die? The story of Helen Wilmans, the author of the 1899 New Thought classic “The Conquest of Poverty,” is at once one of the most inspiring and tragic stories in our movement. It also […]

What Death Tells Us About The Law Of Attraction

Scroll Down for Your Chance to Win a Free Ernest Holmes Print for Our First Blogiversary!

BY HARV BISHOP Editor’s note: We are revisiting our inaugural post to celebrate our first anniversary. Mitch Horowitz’s call for New Thought reform drew more than 1,000 social media shares and 2,000 views. Thanks also to the 23,000  people who visited this blog over the last year.  New Thought is in need of a reformation, says […]

Putting Our Heads in The Sand No Longer Works

We Are At War Here

BY EUGENE HOLDEN I have been sitting with this, waiting for the right time, and listening for what the message that wanted to be expressed, regarding the events that have been going on over the last week. I had to sit and process through the pain, the anger and most of all the disappointment. The waiting is over, the […]

How New Thought Can Restore Our Relationship with Mother Earth

By HARV BISHOP New Thought teachings often speak of scarcity consciousness versus a consciousness of abundance. But there is more to those teachings than the size of your bank account. Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, said these teachings hold the key to healing the relationship between human […]

I was forced to watch Al Gore documentaries at church!

Does creating a world that works for everyone take away individual choice?

BY HARV BISHOP Conservative critics of the mission of creating a world that works for everyone fear that individual choice in New Thought churches will go the way of the dodo bird if helping others becomes the norm. Some conservatives believe they will be forced to sit through sermons grounded in liberal politics, for them […]