How We Made It Back from the Toughest Year of Our Lives (and you can too)

BY DIANE AND HARV BISHOP Last year we were knocked flat to the floor by what we in New Thought love to dress up as “challenges.” In this case, a life-threatening health situation was resolved in late summer only to be followed shortly after by an unexpected lay off. It was heartbreaking. Let’s get real. […]

Can God Work through Corrupt Spiritual Teachers?

BY HARV BISHOP There is no shortage of teachers with profound messages who have stumbled or worse. What do we do with the teachings that come through flawed vessels? “The teacher is inseparable from the teachings,” a respected esoteric thinker recently wrote on Facebook. If their lives don’t match their ideals, the teachings are worthless. […]

Fight Trumpism with Love as the Weapon

What to do on V-Day

On Valentine’s Day an interfaith movement is rising up across the USA and around the world and declaring that revolutionary love is the call of our times. Moral resistance, they say, must be grounded in love. Adyashanti once told me activism needs to based on what we love, not what we fear. This is a […]

From Farting as a Spiritual Practice to Pizzagate: How Wild Theories Gain Traction

BY HARV BISHOP “Since one’s idea of God is always a projection of their human consciousness, one needs to develop that consciousness to high levels to have any useful sense of God.” -Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard Farting was once considered a spiritual practice. Shocking as it may seem now, some spiritual traditions used to wrestle […]

Claude M. Bristol and the Metaphysics of Success

BY MITCH HOROWITZ The American metaphysical scene has produced no other figure quite like Claude M. Bristol. Born in 1891, in Portland, Oregon, Bristol had a background as varied as the nation itself: a veteran, a spiritual seeker, a sometime journalist, a sometime businessman, and an enthusiast of the possibilities and powers of the mind. […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Are there exceptions to the Law of Attraction?

By HARV BISHOP Do your thoughts create your reality without exception? Many New Thought adherents believe so. Yet did Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy, believe that to be true? Some parts of his writing suggest so. Other passages, where Holmes speaks in more qualified and nuanced terms, suggest that he […]

When Our Prayers Go Unanswered

Why Affirmations Aren't Always Enough

  BY MARYJANE OSA The world is full of people who expect to have every point cleared up intellectually before they begin to live . . . who are in search of the book they never will find, namely, one which shall reveal every step of the way so that no thinking will thereafter be […]

Throwing Yourself Into The World As An Act of Love

Spiritual Teacher Adyashanti looks at the "Jesus Story" through different eyes

BY HARV BISHOP Adyashanti’s Jesus is not the Jesus you grew up with if you were raised in a traditional Christian denomination. “No Divine entity will be upset if you look at the story with different eyes,” says the spiritual teacher and author affectionately known as “Adya,” who recently appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday.” Adyashanti’s Jesus […]

The Ethic of Getting Rich

What Today’s New Thought Culture Can Learn from Wallace D. Wattles

BY MITCH HOROWITZ There is a conflict in New Thought culture today. Some seekers want a New Thought that emphasizes personal attainment and ambition. Others believe that New Thought’s focus should be on social justice – they regard the think-and-grow-rich approach as gauche, unspiritual, or selfish. The 1910 classic The Science of Getting Rich by […]

Finding What Is Ours To Do

Creating a world that works for everyone means more than marching in the streets

BY HARV BISHOP The mystic David Spangler relates a story about the Buddhist Beat poet Gary Snyder meeting a man while hiking in the early 1970s. The man was struggling with his conscience and the two spoke of protests, the Vietnam War, loyalty, and doing what was right. Later that week the Pentagon Papers were […]