Why The Kybalion Matters

The following is Mitch Horowitz’s introduction to his new audio condensation of  The Kybalion. BY MITCH HOROWITZ The short book called The Kybalion, published in 1908, is probably the most popular and, in my estimation, most important occult work of the twentieth century. The book is rivaled in significance only by a much longer and very […]

The New Thought Dilemma: When Law Eclipses Love

BY HARV BISHOP Once upon a time I was an in-the-closet New Thoughter writing for a Catholic weekly newspaper. Catholicism had been the religion of my youth and this paper was strong on covering social justice issues. At the time I was not only a closeted New Thought adherent, but also caught up in Shirley […]

The Reformation of New Thought

500 years ago this week, Martin Luther launched the Protestant reformation with his 95 theses that challenged Catholic church authorities. Without that move away from centralized religious dogma, New Thought and alternative spirituality would not exist. New Thought spiritual pioneers experimented with what worked in their lives without blind acceptance of tradition. What in New […]

How to Attract Money

A New Look At The Book You’ve Been Waiting For

In this short essay, New Thought author and publisher Mitch Horowitz discusses how, while preparing to narrate an audio edition of Joseph Murphy’s pamphlet How to Attract Money, he came into a new and deeper appreciation of the book’s possibilities. This is adapted from Mitch’s introduction. BY MITCH HOROWITZ I am often asked: If I […]

Overcoming the False Belief that Me is Separate from We

BY CONOR MACCORMACK Barring having taken up residence under a rock (the appeal of which I can seriously entertain these days), we have all seen and read the slew of horrific headlines dominating the news and social media. Whether it is the senseless atrocities committed by Islamic fundamentalists, systematic oppression of racial, religious, and sexual […]

The Road Before You

A onetime protégé to Science of Mind founder Ernest Holmes, Obadiah Harris has lived a life deeply interwoven with the history of New Thought. An accomplished university administrator and now president of the University of Philosophical Research, Dr. Harris is a living link between the Pentecostal tradition of his youth and Science of Mind, which […]